Once upon a time - an ice cream parlor was born in Chester, New Jersey. Filled with sweet delites and an old-fashioned atmosphere it was the perfect place for parties. But what would really bring the children in?? What would really make them happy??

Patti, the owner--and her husband Larry, had an idea -- "We need a clown for children's birthday parties! Patti, you're really talented and funny--you should be the clown!" "OK," said Patti, "I think that's a sweet idea! I'LL BE THE CLOWN". Looking at all the delicious toppings on the cupboard behind her, Patti exclaimed, "And I'll call myself SPRINKLES!!!"

After graduating from clown college, the parties began and were a HUGE success. When the couple decided to expand the business, Patti took the show on the road. SPRINKLES visited homes, schools, libraries, corporations, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, country clubs, swim clubs, health clubs, senior citizen facilities, etc., etc. and became a BIG HIT!!

Her gentle personality, coupled with zany antics have made her the undisputed "queen of clowning." Her performances have proven to be both educational, as well as delightful. The children are mesmerized and parents are amazed at their youngsters' attention span when Sprinkles is performing.

For the past 15 years, Sprinkles has performed before hundreds of thousands of wide-eyed, smiling children in Northern and Central New Jersey and THERE IS NO END IN SIGHT!!

Don't be left out!! Call Sprinkles NOW and create a "lifetime memory" for your child. It only takes a minute....but the rewards are endless!!!