INTRODUCING...Patti Gonsky

a.k.a. Sprinkles the Clown

  Before I tell you all about my exciting programs for entertaining children, let me introduce myself so that you are comfortable when looking at my website, talking to me in person or over the phone .


Having been the oldest child in a family of 8 children, I loved entertaining my younger siblings. I would put on shows with magic and props and costumes and enter a world of "pretending" every time I got the chance. I happen to be very creative and my brothers and sisters loved being part of the enchantment that went with every activity.

  When I had children of my own, their birthday parties took on the same creativity. I would start their party with a theme and plunge right in. Paper goods, music, costumes, goody bags, games, and cake all were built around that same theme. Whether my sons and my daughter were 3 or 13, the parties were very exciting and full of merriment. Boredom never arose. Everyone enjoyed the party and left smiling.



  I have been clowning for almost 20 years. That does not make me "OLD" and "CROTCHETY", but "YOUNG" and "WISE" !! (and still smiling). I LOVE entertaining children and my creative side is still flowing. Every party is geared to your child and making their day very special.

  Now you know a little about me and why I truly enjoy my profession.

Perhaps we will meet someday....